Maybe if I click this….

Hi there!  [[If anyone is there yet ;)]]

I am excited to get started with my blog…to explore what all I can do in this internet world, meet new bloggers, let all these new mom and #adulting thoughts out, and grow!

Soooo with that said, I am going to need yall to please bear with me as I figure this blogging life out.  I wanted to at least get one blog written and posted–to see if I could, and to say HI!  ((because that starter Journey begins post was not me))

You will probably see themes, titles and layout changing…I’ve already written out my About me Page, but guess what?? I have yet to figure out the magic button to click to add it to my page! ((Publish doesn’t seem to be it)) I am definitely a trial and error learner, and in the past I have tried to learn that way discretely, I don’t mind messing up, but I don’t want anyone to know about it.  But, like I said I am hoping this blog with help me to grow in all aspects starting with vulnerability. So with His grace and technical support’s help, I will succeed!

Here is my first of many posts. Welcome! Hope yall enjoy watching me click my way into success and growth! 🙂

ps— Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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